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TEF Overview

In 1987, a group of senior parents interested in helping graduating students achieve their educational goals created a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization - the Tumwater Scholarship Fund. The initial effort to raise funds was done by gift wrapping during Holiday season, although decreasing profit margins resulted in Board of Directors exploring different fundraising approaches.

A new tradition began in 1996 with the 1st Annual Scholarship Dinner Auction, which successfully raised over $22,000. Due to strong community support and ongoing success, the auction continues to be a primary scholarship provider.

In an effort to broaden opportunities for Tumwater School District students, the Board expanded its program and scholarship focus, prompting a name change in 1997 to the Tumwater Education Foundation (TEF). The Foundation's vision is to:

"manage efforts and resources that result in providing scholarships for graduating seniors along with allocating resources that enhance Tumwater School District programs, helping students to enjoy the rich benefits of their K - 12 education ."

The TEF team is committed to:

Caring parents, community members, businesses, TEF volunteers, and goal-driven students have contributed to maintaining a strong sense of tradition in Tumwater. Ongoing support greatly contributes to success and making a difference in our local community.
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